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December 10, 2012

Angry Birds Space Game Review

20121210-140739.jpgRight now, the Angry Bird craze is everywhere! It has swept into my household with a vengeance. My kids are obsessed with everything that has to deal with these Angry Birds. When I had a opportunity to review the new Angry Birds Space Game From Mattel Toy, I was totally excited.

Angry Birds Space Game From Mattel is a build-able game version of the very popular game you have probably played on your phone. In the box you have the 2 Space Angry Birds, 3 pigs, 1 space helmet, structure pieces, 1 bird launcher, 32 space mission cards, 8 points cards. The box recommends ages 5+ but my 4 year old did not seem to get the memo on that.

So how do you play? Players draw a mission card then, build what the card indicates, launch your birdies, and attempt to knock down the pigs to win points. My husband and daughter had such a great time playing this game. Although my daughter had a tough time knocking it down she had a blast. She did hit it a few times but not enough to knock the whole thing over.



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