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February 27, 2017

Quench your skin with Mineral Hygienics!

Personally, I am not one to wear tons on makeup. I do put on makeup but it is usually just a little something on the eyes and lipstick. I tried wearing foundation but it always feels so heavy. I do not like that caked on feeling. On top of that, a lot of foundations make my skin break out. It is so difficult to find something that is compatible with my skin and my skin tone. The tones are usually either too light or too dark. My pet peeve is seeing uneven skin tones on the face vs my neck. It needs to look natural and at the same time not affect my skin.

Mineral Hygienics uses all natural ingredients including minerals that provide sun protection (Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide offer natural, broad-spectrum sun protection which blocks both UVA and UVB rays.)  Protecting your skin against the sun is one of the best ways to slow down signs of aging as well as prevent skin cancer.  The minerals are also safe for all skin types and contain anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce acne.  Mineral Hygienics is so confident in their selection of ingredients that they have shared the full list of ingredients found in each product.


I am in love with this Foundation!! If you see in the before picture, I am a little red and blotchy. You can see my freckles and bags under my eyes. After applying the Mineral Hygienics Foundation all of the imperfections are gone. It does not feel heavy on my face like all of the other foundations I have tried. I also have to mention that the brush that came included was really great! This product truly provided great coverage and I would recommend to anyone with every skin type!


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