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November 11, 2017

How To Have Great Family Fun In Allentown PA

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Allentown, PA will surprise you with the amount of family fun available, especially if you do not know much about Allentown PA. Allentown is actually one of three cities which makes up Lehigh Valley which adds to the fun. Allentown also happens to be the largest of the three cities. Below are my recommendations of all the best family fun Allentown and Lehigh Valley have to offer.


What To Explore


Dorney Park  & Wildwater Kingdom is the summer fun hot item in Allentown! Imagine an amusement and waterpark wrapped into one with Food Truck Fridays. This amusement park is for all ages with children and adults rides. They even have a Pokemon Go Player’s Guide. How awesome is that? Our favorite highlight of this park is Snoopy and crew are your character host. With live entertainment, dining, event, thrill rides and more destination family fun and memories will be had.  Located at 3830 Dorney Park Road please stay social with them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


America on Wheels is very intriguing. There is history and back stories here and all of it is very interesting. Be sure to visit the exhibits and take in an event or two. Located at 5 North Front Street please stay social with them on Facebook and Twitter.


Allentown Farmer’s Market is great! With the tagline of – Always Fresh, all merchants try to live up to just that. With over 60 merchants to satisfy every taste bud and culinary experts on site the market really works and has been working for the people of Allentown since 1955. Located at 1825 West Chew Street please stay social with them on Facebook and Instagram.


Allentown Art Museum is a diversity melting pot of arts. With much regard and respect for the wide variety of visual arts the Allentown Art Museum has been established for over 75 years. Check out the events and the events calendar to what visual arts are currently happening.  Located at 31 North 5th Street please stay social with them on Facebook and Twitter.


Da Vinci Science Center is very on point with engaging the mind of all ages, especially children under age 12. All about STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) there are several engaging exhibits. Located at 3145 Hamilton Boulevard Bypass please stay social with them on Facebook and Twitter.


Liberty Bell Museum is inside the Zion’s church and presents the history of the Liberty Bell for all to engage in. Whether learning about Pip the Mouse or actually ringing a cool replica of the bell everyone is sure to learn something new. Located at 622 West Hamilton Street please stay social with them on Facebook.  


Lehigh Valley Zoo is still growing by leaps and bounds! Established in 1935 it has grown tremendously between 2005 to 2014 and with the growth came more enhancements and recognition.With an excellent education program Lehigh Zoo was voted Best Family Day Trip in The Morning Call’s Readers’ Choice Awards for 2009 through 2014 according to their website. Definitely take a look at their calendar and events.  the Zoo was. Located at 5150 Game Preserve Road in Schnecksville

please stay social with them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Well, I told you there was plenty to enjoy as a family in Allentown and Lehigh Valley. Go ahead and make new family fun memories and stop back by to share your tips and must see things. Enjoy…


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