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May 9, 2013

Jabra Freeway Review & Pintrest Giveaway


Ever since the law passed that you are not allowed to use your cell phone while driving I have been trying to get my hubby to get an ear piece. He refuses! He doesn’t like the concept of having something in his ear. Men! They are so difficult. But I knew that once I was given the opportunity to to this review for the Jabra Freeway it would be perfect for him.

The Jabra Freeway is something that I have never heard about before! Not only does this device make and answer calls, but you can have surround sound music in a snap as well!  It is the first ever in-car speakerphone to have a 3-speaker stereo system and virtual surround sound! You can easily use the FM button to be able to stream your Itunes music from your Iphone through your car speakers! How awesome is that!
jabra_freeway Best of CTIA 2011 Laptop

The Jabra Freeway  is super easy to install!  It clips right to the top of your visor for easy convenience  The system actually talks your through the set up! Yes, talks you through the entire setup. When you receive a call the Jabra Freeway announces to you who is calling, ask if you want to accept their calls and also tell you when you need to chance the batteries. You use your very own voice to make, answer, end, redial or reject calls.

This is the answer we have been looking for in a hands free device. My hubby is very happy that he doesnt have to put anything in his ear and he can be safe when driving and talking to me and the kids on his way home from work.

Check them out on Facebook where they are having a awesome Pintrest giveaway which ends today, 5/9

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